Yandex introduced a new feature of its YandexGPT language model (YaLM 2.0), which allows you to briefly retell texts. This means that the user can simply provide a link to an article on the Internet, and the neural network will be able to summarize the main thoughts and ideas of this article in a concise form. This approach allows you to quickly get acquainted with the article, saving time for reading the entire text.

One of the advantages of this feature is the ability to quickly learn the content of an article without spending 15-17 minutes reading it. YandexGPT allows you to get a summary of an article in less than a minute. This is especially useful when you need to look through a lot of articles, write a thesis, or find an answer without reading the entire text. In addition, you can send a link to a summary to another person, and he will have an accessible preview with the abstract of the article in popular instant messengers.
The service also provides an API for developers, which allows them to get a link to an abridged version of an article without having to use the web interface. This is useful for website or news channel owners. The API is in beta and is also available for use.

The YandexGPT language model was first introduced to users on May 17 in Alice’s “Let’s think of it” mode. Then it was added to the Masterpiece application, the seller’s personal account on Yandex Market, and also to the API for Yandex Cloud clients. Now it is also available on the service. Yandex plans to implement YandexGPT in its other products in the future.

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