The Yandex Webmaster service has introduced a new platform


Previously, Webmaster’s team accepted user requests through the support service, read blog comments and conducted research through the ZOOM platform. However, now a special feedback forum has appeared, where everyone can leave their wishes or comments on the service at any time.

The new platform features various sections corresponding to sections and pages of the service, where users can leave their comments and suggestions.

The Yandex blog for webmasters notes that user comments help improve the service and make it more convenient, useful and efficient when working on site optimization.

To leave a comment, the user must:

1. Go to the Userecho website.
2. Press the “Create an appeal” button.
3. Write a comment by selecting its type (Ideas, Questions, Bugs or Acknowledgments) and category (the title of the page in Webmaster associated with the case).
4. Click “Submit”.

Added comments become available on the site and the service team necessarily considers each appeal.

In addition, on the Userecho platform, users can read topics created by other users and vote on their suggestions. To do this, just go to the main page of the forum and select the appropriate section or page of the Webmaster.

The advantages of working in the Yandex Webmaster service using the Userecho platform include:

1. Convenience of feedback: users can leave their wishes and comments at any time, regardless of the schedule of the support service.
2. Direct influence on the development of the service: comments and suggestions from users help the Webmaster team to improve the service, making it more convenient and useful for all users.
3. Possibility to influence priorities: voting on the suggestions of other users allows you to determine the most important and desired features or improvements that can be implemented in future updates.
4. Communicate with the community: The Userecho platform provides an opportunity to interact and share experiences with other users, which contributes to a more efficient use of the service and receive valuable advice from experienced professionals.

Thus, using the Userecho platform in the Yandex Webmaster service allows users to actively influence the development and improvement of the service, share experience with other community members and receive valuable advice from experienced specialists, which contributes to more efficient use of the service and improving the quality of the webmaster’s work.


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