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Physical and Chemical Data

Temperature of Application


Designed to prevent possible emergencies due to increased wear of the tundish working lining (gunite lining) in the area of the crucible and to reduce contamination with non-metallic inclusions
Turbostops are manufactured of low-cement corundum mass by vibratory casting.

-Al2O3, at least

Fe2O3 not exceeding 1%,

-apparent porosity, not exceeding 20%,

-ultimate compressive strength after firing at t = 800C°

80-100 MPa

1,650-1,750 C°

Impact Plates

Designed to protect the steel-teeming ladle bottom against erosion by metal.

-apparent density at 110 Сº 2.6-3 g/cm3

-ultimate compressive strength at 110 °C, 30-70 N/mm2

depending on the raw material


Used as protection at the metal jet impact point on the tundish bottom and walls. Partitions feature high erosion and corrosion resistance.



Regarding the acquisition of turbostops and obtaining detailed advice on product properties, delivery conditions and the conclusion of the contract, we ask you to contact the managers:



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