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The company “2E-STUDIO” began its activity in 1999 and since then has been successfully working under the guidance of the director, Evgenia Mikhailovna Evseenko.

We specialize in individual selection of Internet marketing solutions for companies that need help and support in promoting goods or services via the Internet.

Our company serves both Russian and foreign companies. Our team consists of people who are passionate about Internet development and Internet marketing, who will competently optimize your site at no extra cost.

Our team consists of specialists who know how to promote Internet resources to the top lines of search engines.

We develop a marketing strategy, taking into account current challenges, and our competencies in business process management and marketing are confirmed by international diplomas, including THE OPEN UNIVERSITY (MBA) and the Higher School of Economics “Effective Marketing”.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum effect from the potential audience of your site. We offer the development and support of the site, including competent setting and design, the choice of safe and reliable hosting, solving technical issues and maintaining performance, as well as the current content of the site and copywriting.


Tasks that our Company solves:


1. Increasing the visibility and recognition of clients in the online space: The goal of an Internet agency is to create and implement effective strategies to increase the presence of clients on the Internet, improve their visibility on search engines, social networks and other online platforms.

2. Traffic generation and target audience acquisition: An Internet agency seeks to attract more visitors to its clients’ websites using various methods such as content marketing, search engine optimization, advertising campaigns and other means of attracting a target audience.

3. Improve User Experience and Conversions: The goal of an online agency is to provide user experience on clients’ websites that is user friendly and understandable, which helps increase conversions and customer retention. This may include optimizing the mobile version of the site, improving page loading speed, creating an attractive design and easy navigation.

4. Monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of online strategies: The Internet agency aims to continuously monitor and analyze the effectiveness of its clients’ online strategies. This helps to identify successful tactics, identify weaknesses and make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals.


We also offer promotion services, including the development of a promotion strategy, internal and external website optimization, promotion and advertising in social networks, and the organization of contextual advertising. We also offer statistics management, including the preparation and analysis of reports on site traffic, analysis of the effectiveness of the strategy by request, geography and target audience, as well as identifying marketing errors and adjusting customer processes or promotion strategies. Working with us is beneficial, as Internet marketing is the most effective way to promote and sell in the modern world.


The sites that we promote are in the TOP-10 according to generated requests, and the target audience increases by 3 times within 3-5 months. We offer transparency to the customer by using a monitoring system that allows us to monitor the work of our employees in real time. We use only “white” promotion schemes, which ensures the stable operation of your site in search engines. We also have low prices and a flexible pricing system, and we provide significant discounts to regular customers.


We have extensive experience working with large companies, we know Russian and foreign clients well with all their specifics, psychology and exactingness. Our work with any customer is built on the basis of permanent partnerships. We guarantee positive changes that you will see in real numbers – the positions and traffic of visitors, as well as in increasing sales.

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